Magician - 420ml

QAR 550,00

Magic can happen. Introducing our bests seller milk jug by Jibbijug…The Magician.

The Magician combines the best features of other jugs and creates a milk jug that literally works like magic.
Available In optional colors of Titanium Matt Black, Blue Rose Gold, or standard Gold coating.
Suitable for All Basic Patterns \ Drawing Patterns in 8 – 10 oz cup.
The spout is short and narrow it allows small leaves to form easily.
For 1st time use of Pointy JUG as this spout is shorter and not super pointy.
Bestseller, a favorite of all Youtubers

    Color: Rainbow Matte

    • Rainbow Matte
    • Black Matte
    • Rose Gold
    • Gold Matte

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    Magician - 420ml

    Black Matte
    Black Matte
    QAR 550,00