How the Coffee Started and the History Behind it ?

How the Coffee Started and the History Behind it ?

Apr 12, 2021newshape developers

How the Coffee Started and the History Behind it?
Coffee is a delicious and healthy beverage. It is loved by people all across the globe. People worldwide prefer starting their day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee, and it gives a refreshing start to their day and helps them stay motivated throughout the day.

As a coffee enthusiast, have you ever wondered from where did the coffee culture originate? Do you anything about the history of coffee? Probably not. Don't worry. This article contains all the information you need to know regarding the history of coffee. So, continue reading this article to discover everything you need to know about the origin and history of coffee.

From Where Did Coffee Originate?
Coffee is known to originate from Ethiopia or Yemen (debatable); however, now it has reached all parts of the world. Let’s discuss the history of coffee in these two major countries.

Ethiopian Myths Regarding the Discovery of Coffee
A famous story regarding the discovery of coffee in Ethiopia. One day a goat herder named Kaldi was herding his goats in a highland near the Abyssinian monastery. Suddenly, the goats started to jump around and bleat loudly. When Kaldi tried to explore, he found that a cluster of shrubs was the source of their excitement. Kaldi decided to try these red berries for himself and discovered the energizing effects of these coffee cherries.

He filled his pockets with these coffee cherries and ran to his wife, who advised Kaldi to share these berries with monks. 

Unfortunately, Kaldi did not receive the encouragement he deserved at the monastery. Most of the monks referred to his coffee beans as "The Devil's Work" and tossed them into the fire. Suddenly, the aroma that came up from the roasted beans caught the monk's attention, who removed the beans from the fire and crushed them to extinguish embers and preserved them in an ewer filled with hot water.

This newly brewed coffee presented an aroma that attracted the attention of even more monks. They tried it and experienced an uplifting effect for themselves. Most of them started drinking it daily to aid their religious devotions, mainly to keep them awake during prayers.

Yemen’s Myths Regarding the Discovery of Coffee
A famous story regarding the discovery of coffee in Yemen. A Yemenite Sufi mystic Ghothul Akbar Nooruddin Abu al-Hasan al-Shadhili was once traveling through Ethiopia, probably on spiritual matters. On his way, he saw some energetic birds eating the fruit of the Bunn plant (known elsewhere as the coffee plant). During his journey, he tried these berries and discovered that they produced an energetic state in his mind.

There is another story that claims that coffee originated in Yemen. This story revolves around Sheikh Omar, a doctor-priest and a follower of Sheik Aboul Hasan Sshadheli from Mocha. The sheik was exiled to a desert cave near the mountain Ousab.

According to one theory, this exile was because of some moral transgression. In contrast, Omar was exiled because he practiced medicine on the princess instead of his master. After curing her, he was exiled as a punishment by the king.

During this exile, Omar found red berries of the plant and tried to consume them. A theory states that a bird brought a branch of berries and gave it to him. After drinking, Omar found that the taste was a bit bitter to eat them raw. 

To remove their bitterness, he threw the berries into the fire. Resultantly, the berries got hardened and unsuitable for chewing. Omar decided to soften them. He boiled the roasted berries and experienced a pleasant aroma of the increasingly brown liquid. He chose to drink this decoction instead of eating the beans. He discovered that the drink was revitalizing.

He shared his story with others. That’s how the coffee was discovered in Yemen. 

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