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Kendo Rustic Camo 380ml


Tech spech
Size 400ml Capacity.
Spout 2.5 * 1.7 cm
Pointed Eagle Spout with Narrow opening
Approx. 6.8 cm Top x 8 cm Bottom diameter and 9.5 cm Height.
High Quality Stainless Steel Grade 304
0.8 mm Thickness.
Weight 180g.



A short, pointy spout that is best for super-contrast and minimizing wash-out where you can generate a heavier lines by apply more pressure.

The Camo jug has been produced with a coating application done through water transfer printing method. This coat will not be coated as perfect compare to other method as we dip the object into the water and our jug has the Handle part where you can see the imperect joint between the pattern (*see photo before you buy) but it will give a Old Rustic look!

How does the Water Transfer Imaging Process Work?

JIBBI JUG is immersed into the water, and the upward pressure of the water causes the ink to wrap around and adhere to the item each jug by hand, and each jug may vary slightly or have slight imperfections to the coating. This in no way affect the use of the jug, nor does it impact the care and maintenance of the product.
After the initial coating of the camo pattern, the jug is sprayed with a protective lacquer, and dried to allow maximum longevity to the product.
However, this appliaction can be worn off over a few uses or months or years of use depending on the piecePlease be advised that no jug will have the same, or identical camo application design, and we will not
provide refund or returns in respect thereof.

Please read carefully as we do not offer any refunds under below conditions. We check all the jugs before posting them to you.

Uniques Rustic Military Look as rare items


This Coating is purely cosmetic and won’t be resistant to chipping or last longing
See the imperfect coating between the handle as the our object style is hard to coat or dip with the film.
No refund or return regards to teh coating issues

JIBBI’s Note

The kendo spout is specifically designed to be short, and protruded. We have been asked if this is a design defect but can assure customers that it is designed this way for pouring efficiency.